Relying on Skilled Technicians

 All of our technicians are required to pass background checks and demonstrate knowledge in the field of medical equipment repair and service before they can be sent to a job site. We understand that with limited mobility, being able to stay at home for repairs is important to you. However, so is trust, as our skilled technicians will be entering your homes. We do not take this lightly at Crystal Home Health Care and can assure you that our technicians will treat you with the highest respect and care.

We are confident that you will find our technicians to be kind, respectful, patient, helpful, and professional. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have, will work quickly and efficiently so as to not impinge on your time, and will demonstrate the utmost professionalism while in your home. Our skilled and qualified technicians understand that they are guests in your home and are there to provide a service.

We Have the Advantage

If you are confined to medical equipment, we can help you enjoy continued mobility and independence. To meet your needs, we provide medical equipment repair and service, and we accept a range of payment options for your convenience, including Medicare, major credit cards, and most insurance.

Top Notch Staff

What sets Crystal Home Health Care apart is that we provide a wide variety of equipment and services as well as home care. By following our mission “Better Health Care Starts at Home” we believe everything starts and ends in your home; we believe that going to you is not only more personable and convenient (for you), but more effective as well. By sending a technician to your house, we can have your medical equipment or scooter fixed and operational - and providing you the mobility you require - in less time. We make every effort we can to repair your medical equipment on-site. In the event that such repairs cannot be made, we happily provide our clients with a loaner chair for the duration of the service.

Get to Know Our Skilled Technicians

The reason we are able to offer medical equipment repair is through the help of our skilled technicians. Without their experience and knowledge, we would be unable to meet our clients’ needs. We understand this and take great care to ensure that our technicians are among the best in the industry.

In our continuing search for the top-notch service providers, we closely follow strict criteria when hiring a new technician. You can rest easy knowing that our technicians must meet these criteria before we will send them out to do repairs.

  • Qualified - Our service technicians possess specialized knowledge, extensive experience, and the proper qualifications to service medical equipments and scooters. This knowledge includes an understanding of both electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Professional - We perform a complete background check on potential candidates before the hiring process is complete. All of our medical equipment repair technicians are professionals.
  • Personable - Perhaps most importantly, we look to hire technicians who are personable and friendly. We recognize that our service technicians are guests in your home, as do they. Our goal is that you will see them as more than simple aids; for the brief time that they are in your home, they will be colleagues and companions.

Our medical equipment technicians provide a range of different services, including medical equipment repair, maintenance, and replacement of faulty components. If you require assistance or have medical equipment in need of repair, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Schedule an Appointment to Get Started

Whether you rely on your Medical primarily to travel long distances or you are completely dependent on it for your mobility, we treat every one of your products equally - your mobility, independence, and quality of life are important to us. At Crystal Home Health Care, we strive to provide quality service in less time, and this is made possible with the help of our qualified and experienced medical equipment technicians. Should you require medical equipment repairs, you can trust Crystal Home Health Care to provide it - call us today to arrange an appointment!