Duration of Services

Maternal Services – Pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries qualify for MIHP services at any time during the pregnancy. The MIHP professional staff assists the woman to circumvent barriers to obtaining prenatal care (e.g. lack of transportation, housing, etc) and to make changes that increase the likelihood that her infant will be healthy at birth (e.g. decrease use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, etc.). Staff provides education on topics related to the woman’s own particular needs.


Infant Services – MIHP services for an infant begin after the infant’s birth and hospital discharge. Infant services are exclusively for the benefit of the infant, primarily by working with the infant’s family. MIHP staff continues to support the mother and begins to monitor the infant’s health, safety and development. The staff ensures that the infant has a pediatrician, encourages the mother to make follow-up visits, and follow through with the physician's recommendations. The staff assists the mother to address any safety risks (e.g. no car seat, environmental toxins, not using safe sleep practices, etc.). The staff also provides basic developmental guidance for the mother to assist her to promote her infant’s health and development.