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Homecare: Everyone should develop and stick to a fitness plan – even elderly people.

In fact, elderly people should make sure they consistently have a fitness plan. There are so many senior citizens that feel exhausted, have increased pain, or who don’t feel very happy. Implementing a fitness plan can help with all these things. If your elderly loved one doesn’t exercise because they don’t know what to do, you or a homecare provider can assist them. Use the tips below to get them started.

Homecare in Dearborn Hts MI: Senior Fitness
Homecare in Dearborn Hts MI: Senior Fitness

Begin at Their Starting Point

What type of exercise does your elderly loved one do currently? Have they not been exercising at all or very little? The most important thing for getting your elderly loved one to implement a fitness plan is to begin at their starting point – not what you think they should be doing. For them to safely exercise, they need to take things slowly. Even if your elderly loved one can only start with 5 or 10 minutes of exercise daily, that is a great way to begin. It can increase their energy and help them to add fitness to their life. Over time, they can add in more time each day.

Taking Classes

There are many senior centers that offer fitness classes for the elderly. These days, there are also many online classes that people can take that offer exercise plans. If your elderly loved one wants to socialize while they are exercising, you or an in-home care provider should take them to the senior center or a local community center. If they don’t really want to leave their house, you can get them into a fitness class online.

Using a Fitness Tracker

Another fun way for your elderly loved one to implement a fitness plan into their life is by using a fitness tracker. There are so many of these trackers on the market. You can get your elderly loved one a Fitbit, iWatch, Samsung fitness watch, or any one of the off-brand fitness watches. These watches can track steps, calories, heart rate, and more. If you also get one of the fitness trackers (depending on which one you get), you and your elderly loved one can do challenges. That could motivate your elderly loved one to exercise more.

Homecare: Conclusion

These are some of the best fitness improvement tips to share with your elderly loved one. Now that you have these tips, talk to your elderly loved one about what type of exercises they want to start with. Ask them if they want to join a class. You and the homecare providers can remind your elderly loved ones to implement the fitness plan that you help them to create.

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